Tuesday, February 26, 2008

#11: Tagging and Del.icio.us

I was able to add tags to my blog posts. That process was very intuitive, and I really liked the way blogspot remembered the tags I'd already used and gave me pop-up choices of those. Also, it was nice to see the tags on my dashboard list of postings - very helpful!

I created a deli.cio.us account, but was unablet to download their buttons to my browser. Our computers don't give us administrative access, so we can't add any software to them. I plan to try that on my laptop at home, though. Watching the 8 minute podcast tutorial was excruciating. I think our bandwidth just couldn't handle it because I got 20 second chunks of the podcast, separated by 30 seconds of waiting for the next chunk. It seems like so much of the 2.0 stuff (streaming audio and video) requires a lot of processing. I can see this being a problem, individually and as a whole (for all internet users). I know we see this slow-down every day in our library, when all the computers are in use.

I was able to add the deli.cio.us buttons on my laptop at home, and also imported all my home bookmarks, so now I can access them anywhere - very convenient for my upcoming vacation. I really liked the way deli.cio.us tagged my imported bookmarks for me, so I could use them right away. Pretty slick!

We already have shared bookmarks at work, so we can all access our bookmarks from any computer, but if we didn't, I can see where this would be a major advantage. I really liked being able to jump right to other people's tagged sites, too. It kind of felt like browsing the shelf at the library vs. searching in the catalog. I found things I wouldn't have thought of looking for.

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