Saturday, February 9, 2008

#3: Keeping Up (RSS Feeds)

I agree with one of the comments about this being a time consuming task. But I can also see the advantage of having this as my start page and using it as a 'home base'.

I attended Michael Stephen's Library 2.0 Seminar in the fall, where he mentioned netvibes as a news aggergator to watch. I set up my own account then and played around with it a little. This assignment was a great reason to re-visit that and tweak it some more. I'm pretty happy with the results, but I can see that it's like bookmarks - I'll be adding more feeds as I come across things of interest.

For now, I have a GENERAL tab with weather, google search, the Unshelved comic, my own 23 Things blog, the Tame the Web blog, and the Shifted Librarian blog. I have a spot reserved for Flickr, because it looks like that's going to be the next assignment. I also have a NEWS tab, with feeds from the local paper, and the paper where most of my family lives. Netvibes allowed me to add a MEEBO tab and I went ahead and did that now, since I'm looking forward to IM'ing and learning more about that.

This is how my main netvibes screen looks. (I used a free program called screenhunter to capture and save part of the screen):

I'd really like to add my work and email acces to my GENERAL tab, and it seems like that should be possible, since they're both web-based. I'm going to keep working on that, and If I'm successful, I'd like to make this my internet start page. Then everything I load up in the morning and check so often during the day, would be at my fingertips.

At our libray (probably most public libraries), we rotate through various workstations during the day. What a timesaver - to be able to just login to my netvibes account and have access to all the sites I'd normally want up and running while I'm working. Gotta love convenience!

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