Sunday, March 30, 2008

#21: Other Social Networks

I joined the 23 Things on a Stick Ning and I think I added 3 friends and left comments for them. And I got comments! I uploaded a picture and customized my page just a little bit. I posted a comment to a forum, and joined another forum - all easy to do, and much more interesting to me than Facebook or Myspace.

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WebJunction is a great resource. I've visited there before, for training resources and articles. But it's got such a wealth of information, it's good to have it back on my radar. One of the articles I read on WebJunction called online communities "Electronic Tribes". I hadn't heard that term before, but I like it. To me, it implies common interests or affiliations, with a free-ranging feel - like the possiblities are endless (and maybe even adventurous). Gather looks interesting, too. I'll be spending more time with that, I think.

I found a scrapbooking social network that looks interesting. In addition to social networking, it provides tips, scrapbooking resources, instructions, links to scrapbooking blogs, and a gallery with lots of nice layouts and ideas for scrapbooking. And they have a superstore, too, where it's fun to look at new products, read reviews about them, and sometimes see videos about using them.

NOW I get the social networking deal. I take back everything I said before, about social networks being mostly for kids. I can definitely see that 'belonging' to a group electronically has a big appeal.

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