Monday, March 31, 2008

#23: Final Thoughts

Well, I took the survey and emailed my regional representative that I've completed all 23 Things. Wow - what a great feeling! I think the word I would use to describe this experience is "empowered". I already had a pretty good understanding of a lot of the Things, but others were more difficult. It felt good to be challenged a little bit, knowing I could work my way through it. It was also reaffirming that I did know quite a bit already and had the ability to learn even more. I would definitely do another 23 Things - bring it on!!!

Ever since I attended one of Michael Stephens's Library 2.0 Workshops, I've been intrigued with all this, so 23 Things was a great opportunity to get closer to it all. I don't know that my thoughts have changed very much, but I do understand a lot more about the nuts and bolts of 2.0.

This was a LOT to do, in a short period of time. I think most of us had to spend quite a bit of personal time in order to do all the Things. Sometimes in life that isn't possible and I know for some people it just wasn't an option this time around. Also, now that some people have completed the 23 Things I wonder if it could be offered again, so the more hesitant to jump in might do so, knowing there are people in their own systems who could help them work through the difficult parts.

One suggestion for a slightly different format:
I'd like to see a format of 5 Things over 6 weeeks or so, then a break of a couple weeks, to allow time to assimilate what we learned into our workflow. And then some more Things to dig into. Honestly, I learned a lot, but some of it's kind of a jumble at this point. I wish I had had more time to practice and use each of the Things, before having to move on to the next one.


There was obviously a lot of time and effort spent at putting this program together for us. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on that, so we all could benefit from it!

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MR said...

I really enjoyed your blog. Your posts were thoughtful and well-written and just fun. :-)