Friday, February 7, 2014

23 Mobile Things: #1 Blogging & Registering

Well, I've registered for the 23 Mobile Things and I'm just going to use my blogger account that I created for The 23 Things we did 6 years ago.  (This is a good example of how things live forever on the internet.  The blog is still here, alive and well in cyberspace, even though I'd for the most part forgotten about it).  It was fun to read what my impressions were 6 years ago, to see how things have changed and how some things have stayed the same. 

I plan to use my Android phone and my iPad for mobile devices, although visually I can't spend much time on my phone and my iPad is 1st generation so I might not be able to get all the apps we'll be encountering or maybe I'll get a stripped down version.  We'll see!

I love the convenience of a mobile device, but I still appreciate the richer interface on a computer screen and I struggle with typing on mobile devices.  I hope to learn about more ways to use my mobile devices and more about the ways our patrons use their devices and might be expecting to use our services on them.

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