Wednesday, February 12, 2014

23 Mobile Things: #2 Mobile Device Tips

It was fun to find new options for what I think of as an old device, my 1st gen iPad.  Here are some of the things I found useful:
  • I learned a new way to lock orientation. I had enabled screen locking in my settings and was using the little switch above the volume. Double clicking on the home button and using the option on the far left is easier.
  • I'm terrible at remembering to do a reboot so it was nice to get a reminder about that and the reasons it's important.
  • I hadn't used the definition option before. That was handy and worked nicely.
  • I found out I could use Emoji characters by enabling that feature in settings and accessing them via the International symbol on the keyboard.  I added the Spanish keyboard too.
  • I had forgotten about double clicking the home button to see what's running, so that was a nice reminder.
  • I'd like to try video editing when I have more time, but with no camera on this iPad, that will have to happen on another device.
  • I tried searching for tips for the iPad first generation and found out I could use multitasking gestures, since the update to iOS 5.  That feature didn't come with the original iOS and somehow I missed that option with the last update.
  • After helping a man at Drop-In eBook Help who'd lost his sight, I looked for the accessibility options he was using on his iPad, including triple clicking on the home button to have screen options read out loud.  That was a good lesson and a reminder to me that we learn tips in all kinds of ways - often from other people.

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